Weak market growth opportunities for electric vehicles

The reporter went more than 10 electric vehicles stand almost 80 percent of the exhibits are JobHunting,Weak market growth opportunities for electric vehicles Articles when the market are not allowed to say.

Week before the opening of the Beijing Auto Show, the State Council executive meeting discussed and adopted energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020), proposed 2015, pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicle production and sales total to achieve 500 000. Automobile Association statistics, so far, the cumulative production and marketing of these two types of vehicles less than 20,000.

From 20000-500000, how It seems that the Beijing auto show is difficult to answer.

The electric car market ignition can not start, the problem lie In addition to the electric car to be recognized by consumers, the supporting infrastructure is still a threshold. Kia, Lifan, Chery electric auto show Taiwan, the reporter saw a lot of charging pile, so I drove up to ask “what the costs are Automobile manufacturers to coordinate the district to install it Existing underground garage can be rebuilt after the installation ” Staff do not know, just said that this is indeed a big problem, our automotive manufacturers can not solve. While others say: “Even if unable to install charging pile, our products also use a household 220V outlet to directly charge.”

Even if the charge of a household outlet, also a lot of problems. “If it is not lived in the villa, but above the second floor of the apartment building, how to charge Where to find the socket From home in a line out, how to protect the security ” To reporters a series of questions about the vast majority of manufacturers unable to The A onwards.

Industry experts believe that the electric vehicle infrastructure is still difficult, car manufacturers have ideas, but no way. To promote electric vehicles, and must rely on the collaboration of local government, residential area, the power sector, otherwise difficult to implement. The key is, who should take the first step, Who is there to investment Waiting, the car manufacturers charge pile more electric cars on the overweight promotion; the power sector also, electric cars, I launched multi-charge pile. Deadlock hard to break.

See from the Beijing Auto Show, electric carsĀ twike 5 price may be just a propaganda under the guise of traditional car sold is the last word

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