The Moomins

The Exploits of Moominpappa
Swedish: Muminpappans memoarer (1950)
Finnish: Muumipapan urotyüt (1963)
Momminpappa himself writes the story of his childhood. He tells of Sniff's father (the Muddler) and Snufkin's daddy (The Joxter). Along with Hodgkins, they build a houseboat, encounter Niblings, have a great sea voyage, and meet the Mymble family. Moominpappa becomes a Royal Outlaw Colonist, attends the Muddler's wedding and, of course, meets Moominmamma ...

Edition Benziger 1963  Edition Benziger 1973  Edition Benziger 1993 
Arena Verlag 2003  Schwedische Ausgabe  Englische Ausgabe 
Englische Ausgabe  Englisch - Puffin Books 1974 
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