The Moomins

Japanese Cartoon 1 (JP, 1969-1970) back
Original title: Mumin

The first 26 episodes of this series produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha were a big hit in Japan but very different to the original books. Fistfights, guns, booze, cars, and train robberies.. Easy to understand that Tove Jansson was very displeased about this cartoon, and didn't give her permission for overseas sales.
The rest of the series (episodes 27-65) was produced by Mushi Pro, closer to the original stories and got the permission to be sold overseas.
The first 26 episodes were released on VHS by Bandai Visual. Out of production.

© Moomin Characters™
© Moomin Characters™
01. Secret of the silk hat
02. After the devil's heart
03. Rain! Storm! Flood!
04. Where is the mysterious spring
05. Papa's rifle of memories
06. Non-non returns
07. Goodbye Gao-gao
08. Non-non in danger!
09. Great train robbery of Moomin valley
10. A mysterious dwarf
11. The collection vanishes
12. Christmas in Moomin valley
13. Papa's a popular writer
14. Last day of Moomin valley
15. Raise the sails!! Ship Moomin
16. Mysterious Professor Gnorth
17. Where is baby?
18. I want to be a bum (or I hate rich people)
19. Moon landing OK!
20. Hustle on skis!
21. A mysterious homeless child
22. It's bigfoot, yahoo!
23. Little Mee's big plan
24. Gunman of Mount Lonesome
25. Congratulations, Snork
26. Turn this way, Non-non
27. Non-non loses his face
28. Big little adventure
29. A flying demon appears!
30. Gift from heaven
31. Sorry, Stinky
32. Haunted house in the forest
33. Cowardly bean thief
34. Gold horse, silver horse
35. Summer festival aurora
36. Moominpapa's notebook
37. Ugly little pet
38. Hello, mermaid
39. Who's in the house?
40. Secret of Nyoronyoro
41. Capture Mameluke!
42. A big, big present
44. Where have the sea's stars gone
43. Stormy monster island
45. Arrival of the demon bird
46. Looking for snow in summer
47. The lost pendant
48. Echo came walking in
49. I hate the piano
50. Take off the ring of sleep
51. Autumn, a time of sentimentality
52. Doll dancing in the moonlight
53. What the kite knew
54. Goodbye, migratory birds
55. Flightless dove
56. Carnival in Moomin valley
57. Big sister's secret
58. Non-non disappears?
59. There's a trick to magic
60. Winter all alone
61. Snow bunny disappeared
62. Ice princess's prank
63. Princess for a day
64. I'm not afraid of my shadow
65. Good night, Moomin
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